Helps players learn to bunt for base hits.

Set Up

  • You can do this drill in the infield or with any open space in the outfield.
  • Set up a small diamond with four bases 40-60 feet apart.
  • Have four pitchers in the middle of the diamond.
  • One bunter (with helmet and bat) – at each base. And one catcher behind each base.

Bunt to Run Softball Hitting Drill


  1. On the coach’s signal all four pitchers throw an easy strike to the bunter.
  2. The bunter lays down a drag bunt to their left side, then sprints to the next base. All four bunters run in the same direction (home goes to first, first goes to second, second to third, third to home).
  3. The catcher fields the bunt and the drill re-sets.
  4. Repeat, this time with the bunter laying down a drag bunt to his right side.
  5. Continue around the bases until the bunters have all made four bunts.
  6. Switch positions – pitcher to bunter, bunter to catcher, catcher to pitcher and repeat.

Coaching Tips

  • Try to bunt the ball 20-25 feet, as close to the foul line as possible.
  • Remember to bunt first, then run.
  • Focus on the first four strides to first base. Explode out of the box by driving off the back foot and pumping the arms to gain speed.
  • Make it harder: Practice the push bunt – hold the bat more firmly and aim to bunt the ball past the pitcher and toward the second basement.
  • Make it easier: Throw soft-toss instead of live pitching.