Teaches batter to hit balls in various strike zone locations with good fundamentals.

Drill Setup

  • Batter gets in normal stance.
  • Coach stands to side holding the hit stick.
  • You can purchase a hit stick like the one shown above from a sporting goods store.
  • Or you can use a pool noodle or similar object as a target for the hitter.

Hit Stick Softball Hitting Drill

How it Works

  1. Batter swings and hits the ball at the end of the hit stick.
  2. Coach swings the device above her head and places it at another location.
  3. Batter swings again.
  4. The drill continues in this fashion.

Coaching Tips

  • Batter should be using a good trigger stride – starting with weight back and then striding through the ball.
  • Hold the ball at different pitch locations. For example, batter has to go down and get a pitch low and away and then get her hands on top of a high inside pitch the next time.
  • The Hit Stick is a great tool for kids 14 and younger.