To help hitters visualize the contact points for pitches in various locations

Set Up

  • Set up three batting tees at the plate – One directly over the plate. One off the front inside corner. And one off the back outside corner.
  • The batter sets up in her normal stance
Batter opens her eyes, then hits the ball off one of 3 tees


  1. Once the hitter is ready, she closes her eyes
  2. The coach places a ball on one of the tees, then counts down “3, 2, 1”
  3. At “1” the batter loads her swing and takes her stride
  4. The coach yells “Go!”
  5. The batter immediately opens her eyes, identifies which tee the ball is on, swings, and drives the ball in the correct direction

Coaching Tips

  • A ball on the middle tee should be hit straight back up the middle
  • A ball on the outside tee should be driven to the opposite field
  • A ball on the inside tee should be hit to the pull side
  • Make it harder: Adjust the ball position andsheight of the tee while the batter’s eyes are closed
  • Make it easier: Start by doing the drill with eyes open. Teach hitters the proper contact points for different pitch locations. Then progress to the blind version.