To help hitters hit the ball with a level swing, and avoid looping or uppercutting.

Set Up

  • Set up two batting tees at the plate as shown in the illustration.
  • One directly over the plate. One directly in front of it.
  • Both tees should be set to the same height.
  • The batter sets up in her normal stance.

Double Tee Softball Hitting Drill


  1. Place one ball on each tee.
  2. The hitter will check her alignment by taking a slow practice swing – making sure that the sweet spot lines up with the ball.
  3. On the coach’s signal, the hitter makes her stride, then a full swing, trying to make line drive contact with the first ball.
  4. If done correctly the first ball will ricochet directly into the second ball, indicating a level swing and line drive contact.

Coaching Tips

  • Reaching for the ball or uppercutting will pop the first ball up over the second. Swinging on an overly steep downward plane will drive the first ball into the ground.
  • To make this more challenging, try this drill using the top hand or bottom hand only. Choke up or user a lighter bat to maintain control.
  • Make it easier: Start with one tee facing a fence, net or backstop. Identify a line drive target for the hitter to aim for.
  • Make it harder: Add a third tee and ball. Can the hitter create a three-ball chain reaction?