Helps kids understand the importance of the weight shift when generating power.

Set Up

  • Set up the tee at home plate or any open space in the outfield.
  • One player is at bat.
  • The others will help shag balls.
  • Using cones, mark out a series of distance markers on the field, similar to a track and field throwing event (see diagram below).

Tee Derby Softball Hitting Drill


  1. Place a ball of the tee for the first hitter.
  2. On the coach’s signal, she will load up her swing by shifting her weight backward and raising the stride leg to 90 degrees (similar to a pitcher’s windup).
  3. She will then stride forward and swing, trying to hit the ball as hard as she can.
  4. Line drives are best.  But hard ground balls count as well.
  5. Track the distance of the ball until it stops rolling.  Assign 1, 2, or 3 points depending on where it stops.
Tee Derby Softball Hitting Drill
Hitters load up and swing for the fences in this hitting contest

Coaching Tips

  • Make sure the stride is straight toward the pitcher and under control.
  • The hitter’s head and eyes should stay locked on the ball through the point of contact.  Try to focus on a specific seam or scruff to increase concentration.
  • When done correctly, this drill will demonstrate that a level or downward swing plane actually drive the ball further than an uppercutting swing.
  • Make it harder: Move the distance markers all the way to the fence.
  • Make it easier: Move the distance markers into the infield and shallow outfield.