Last week, I sent out a request for my newsletter subscribers to send in their favorite [tag]basic softball drills[/tag].   Check out this one below from Adam   (Simple and effective!)Basic Softball Drills

From Adam..
I manage 7 & 8 year olds at a Catholic school youth organization in Brooklyn New York.   One of the [tag]softball drills[/tag] I use is quite a simple one that keeps all the kids on the field involved because as you know kids become easily distracted and bored if they are not directly involved at all times.

This [tag]softball drill[/tag] is meant to help the kids catching and throwing skills, also keeping in mind that repetitions are a vital part in the learning process.

In this drill all 9 positions are filled.   It starts off as the pitcher throws the [tag]softball[/tag] to the catcher, the catcher then throws the ball to 1st baseman who throws to 2nd baseman. Second baseman flips it to the shortstop covering 2nd base then to third baseman, then the third baseman throws the ball to the left fielder, left fielder to center fielder then to right fielder. The right fielder then will throw home to the catcher.

You can also move the outfielders deeper then insert hitting the cut off person; this keeps everyone on the field involved.
You can also time it or give points to the kids that catch the balls and eliminate the kids that drop the ball…last man standing wins.