This is one of the [tag]basic softball drills[/tag] that I do during my first week of [tag]softball practice[/tag]. I find it is a perfect way to begin the season and puts everyone at the same level–your beginners as well as more experienced players can use this refresher.

In order to learn the basic [tag]softball fielding positions[/tag], I have my players stand on home plate and shout “4-homeplate” then run to first and shout “1-first base” next run to second base and shout “2 second base then run to third base and shout “3 third base” and then run to pitcher’s rubber and point to the rubber and yell “pitcher”.

Now from the pitching circle every player turns, points, and shouts out the position I ask for (left, right, catcher, center, shortstop etc.) To finish, starting from the pitching rubber and ending at the pitchers rubber, I instruct them run to each position and shout out as a group the name of the position as they arrive at that position.

Next it is time to hydrate, replenish the water loss and continue with our practice.