My [tag]softball drill[/tag] is for tee-ball and is a simple but effective one. It is one of our players favorite [tag]basic softball drills[/tag] and they ask for it frequently.

Take an old piece of carpet (or like a padded moving blanket) – 18″ x 36″.
Punch two holes in the top two corners of the carpet and attach two clips.
in the middle of the piece of carpet draw a target or a picture of a hand or glove
(this would depend on if you are artistically inclined.)

Attach the carpet to a fence and predetermine a distance that the kids should throw from and give them a bucket of [tag]softball[/tag]s (8-12 or so) and have them throw and hit the target as many times as possible.

This helps create accuracy. The [tag]softball coach[/tag] can observe and instruct any changes to be made to technique and form.