I’ve gotten a whole bunch of requests for beginners softball throwing drills over the past few days.   Here are two ideas that Boyd and Marlene sent to me.   Give these a try with your softball team!

From Boyd…
To work on more accurate throwing, during warm-up or as a softball drill, have the players keep track of their own score for every softball thrown to their partner.

Points as follows:
5 points – ball that would hit partner in the chest
3 points – ball that would hit partners upper body or head
1 point – ball that partner can catch
Player with the highest point total gets to go first in the next drill (going first is always important especially for younger players).

From Marlene…
This is a great indoor softball drill.
When soft tossing we use tennis balls.   The tosser says to the batter load, stride squish the bug.   At that point the tosser tosses the ball for the hitter to hit.   A great softball drill for the batter to work on keeping her weight back.

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