Stresses good communication among the outfielders.


Two outfielders stand with their backs to the coach in the outfield.

Outfielders stand with backs to coach, then must communicate to catch a ball.


  1. The coach will say, “go” and toss a ball in the air. The two outfielders will then turn and find the ball, and communicate with each other as to who will catch it.
  2. The outfielder who is not catching the ball should assume a backup position.
  3. One outfielder catches the ball and throws it back to the coach to repeat.

Coaching Tips: 

  • Outfielders should call loudly for the ball using language similar to “Ball, ball, ball,” or “Mine, mine, mine.”
  • Outfielders should be catching the ball with glove foot forward so they are positioned to make a strong throw.