Scott sent this [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] to me last week.   A great example of [tag]coaching and softball[/tag] that results in marked improvement in your players’ [tag]ball handling[/tag] skills.Coaching and Softball

From Scott…
My idea for a [tag]coaching[/tag] tip is really one that I have taken multiple tasks and put into one.

First thing is that I do this in my every [tag]practice[/tag] warm up. I put all my players in a circle and I stand in the middle so all I have to do is turn around to see every player.

Now this drill is for general hand and glove coordination. I stand in the middle with 2 Balls and my own glove and proceed to turn around and throw randomly grounders, line drives, and pop flies.

They then have to [tag]field[/tag] or [tag]catch[/tag] the throw and then quickly make a good accurate [tag]throw[/tag] back to me.

I make this more difficult by increasing the speed of my throws and randomness. To the point of making a type of game out of it we continue the drill until everyone has successfully completed a good [tag]catch[/tag] and return throw without dropping the ball or throwing wildly.

Since the start of this season when first started to use this system my players increasingly improved their ball handling every practice.