While [tag]coaching girls softball[/tag], I came up this practice [tag]softball drill[/tag] for my under 10 teams. It’s hard to get the girls to charge ground balls, so I have an old 3′ tall stuffed “Bob the builder” I set up in an old kid’s plastic chair on home plate.

Have the girls line up–1/2 the team at the shortstop position, and the other   1/2 at 2nd base.   Hitting ground balls they are to charge the [tag]softball[/tag] and must throw (after the crow hop) from where they fielded the ball.   The first team to knock “Bob” off his perch wins.

The competitive aspect adds to the fun, and they really charge the ball to have a short throw at the target. Bobbled balls while fielding are not allowed to be thrown, so a lot of care is made to get the ball into the glove. I have also done the same drill moving “Bob” to first base but with a coach to field the misses.

This has to be my girls favorite [tag]softball practice drill[/tag] hands down!