If you’re [tag]coaching girls softball[/tag], I’m sure you’re always searching for ways to motivate your [tag]softball[/tag] players.   With younger players, attention span can also be an issue.

Motivational [tag]softball throwing drill[/tag]–
Give kids creative targets for throwing at, and treat it like a carnival game.

We have used targets like stuffed animals sitting in lawn chairs, hula hoops, five gallon buckets ect. I find that it helps keep the kids motivated if they are picking off Winnie the Pooh. Also, they will really rear back a throw the softball instead of aiming it like a dart. We are able to keep kids chucking for 20 minutes and they want to keep going. Obviously, these are younger throwers.

The next [tag]softball drill[/tag] is: Throw the ball into the container
Put a large bin, around four feet wide, on first base. Have the players line up behind second base. Each player then throws the ball towards the bin and tries to bounce it in. If they can throw that far without a bounce, back them up until they can’t. Goal is to teach accuracy even on bounce throws.

Make a little contest out of it to add entertainment value.