If you’re [tag]coaching girls softball[/tag], use this [tag]softball fielding drill[/tag] to stress that accuracy is more important in fielding and throwing.   It is important to stress the concept of “ball first”, in both fielding and throwing, to the girls while performing this [tag]softball drill[/tag]. The pace is fast, but it is more important to be accurate.
Coaching Girls Softball
Station Speed Drill
Have all the girls line up behind third base with one on first in fielding position. The first player in line moves into position at third.

Hit a grounder or fly to third who must field the [tag]softball[/tag] and attempt the throw to first. The player will do the same for each infield position (SS, 2nd, P) in quick succession until finally replacing the player at first who, in between each throw attempt from the fielder, must field the throw, tag the bag and get back into position.

This teaches all players fielding from every infield position and the pace keeps them active.   As performance improves, an additional player can be added at second to the rotation to simulate a double-play.