I’m often asked for fresh ideas for drills for [tag]coaching girls softball[/tag].   Here’s a simple [tag]throwing drill[/tag] that will pay huge dividends with your team.Coaching Girls Softball

From Shaun…
Quick [tag]throw[/tag] [tag]softball[/tag] drill.
Have the team split into 2 groups A & B. one group fielding(A), one group batting(B)from a “tee”.

The fielders(A) must field in regulation [tag]fielding[/tag] positions.
The batting team(B) can hit the ball anywhere they like as long as it stays inside the playing field. The fielding team(A) must get the ball and make as many throws to other players as they can before the batter can run and touch all bases.

You award the fielding team(A) with the same number of points as throws made before the [tag]runner[/tag] touches all bases.   Repeat this for all on the batting team(B). Then have the teams change positions(team A bats and team B fields) and see if the team(A) can stop the team (B) from scoring as many points as they did.

Losing team packs up at the end of [tag]training[/tag]. Just one thing, the person receiving the throw cannot throw it back to the person who threw them the ball; if they do no point is awarded.