Coming up with new ideas for [tag]coaching high school softball[/tag] can sometimes be a challenge.   Here’s a [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that Rob sent in.Coaching High School Football  

Here’s a [tag]fielding[/tag] drill that we like to use to warm up and give our catchers a little extra practice at the same time.
We have two catchers so we start with one of them behind the plate with everyone else in the third base coaches box and one other player on first base.   Our second catcher is the last person in line at third base.   The first fielder takes the third base position and fields a ground ball throwing the ball to first base and then sprints to second base while the player at first throws home.   The catcher catches the ball and throws down to second base to the player who was just playing third base.   The ball is then thrown back to first and then home.   The person at first base runs behind the field and gets at the end of the line at third base.   The player at second now runs to first and becomes the first baseman for the next fielder.   The next player in line now takes the third base position and the drill is repeated.
We go all the way through the order until our second catcher (last in line) occupies first base.   After the last throw home the second catcher takes the place of the first catcher and goes through the order.  

This can be done very quickly and everyone gets an opportunity to experience situations at all three bases.   It’s also a great drill for figuring out positional strengths in young teams.