This idea for [tag]coaching high school softball[/tag] was sent to me recently.   I’ve included it here for you to try with your team.   Let me know how it goes.Coaching High School Softball

From Crystal…
This is a simple but fun [tag]softball drill[/tag] my high school softball team enjoys that we call the Line Drive Drill.

After every batting practice each player gets a chance to hit as many line drives in a row as she can, off the machine.   If they foul tip, miss or hit anything other than a line-drive, they are finished.

The [tag]softball[/tag] player with the most line drives is the winner and receives a prize, (like no running after practice), or special recognition of winning, whatever works for each team.   The [tag]softball coach[/tag] judges whether each hit is a line drive.   Depending on the ability and willingness of the coaches, they can join the competition as well.

It’s amazing how hard the players try when they are trying to beat the coaches!!