This [tag]coaching philosophy – softball[/tag] idea is not really geared to playing the actual game of [tag]softball[/tag].   However, it HAS helped our softball team’s mental attitude tremendously.

As we all know 90% of softball is a mental game rather than a physical one.   We try to achieve an outing for the team once a month but at the minimum we plan an outing at least every other month.

The outing includes the entire team and [tag]softball coach[/tag]es going and doing something for fun for the day. We take turns picking what we do for fun but some of the things we have done include, bowling, going to the movies, going to a theme park, paint balling, a trip to the lake and sometimes it is just to get together to swim for the afternoon and grill hamburgers and hot dogs.

Getting the team together in an atmosphere outside the ball field has really made a difference in the team’s mental attitude not only towards the game of softball but also towards each other.

They come to [tag]softball practice[/tag] with a mentality of eagerness and wanting to be there to learn and are very receptive to new ideas. In addition, it has really made them come together and gel as a unit.

They are very supportive of one another and there is never a sign of negativity between players. It is very refreshing.