One of my readers actually suggested this idea for [tag]coaching slow pitch softball[/tag]. I copied and pasted here to share with all my readers.   Keep ‘em coming!Coaching Slow Pitch Softball

From David…
Here’s one that’s not so much a [tag]softball drill[/tag] as an overall practice strategy for some of the drills we use for [tag]softball[/tag]:

Have the girls partner up.   As you go through specific [tag]softball drills[/tag], fielding ground balls for example, it’s the responsibility of the fielder’s partner to make sure the fielder uses the proper technique.

It’s then not entirely on the coaches’ shoulders.   If a fielder isn’t doing something properly the coach usually goes after the partner 1st, not the fielder, to make sure they work as a team and both fully understand what is being taught.

It works good for teaching and to keep everyone engaged.

From Cheri…
The drill that my girls like the most so far…(an oldie, but goodie [tag]softball throwing drill[/tag])

READY – BREAK – THROW (pick up a penny)
If it is a bad throw, the girl who threw it has to run (sprint) where their partner was standing and back while they get the ball.

After a while, no one is throwing balloon throws and everyone is catching the ball.