This idea for [tag]coaching softball[/tag] was sent to me by Samantha, one of my readers.   Her [tag]coaching philosophy[/tag] and motivational ideas work with all ages.   Keep ‘em coming!Coaching Softball

From Samantha…
My coaching idea.
Mostly I work one on one with kids and one of the things I like best about coaching [tag]softball[/tag] is the way it relates to the real world.

Before every off season I ask the girls I work with to write down [tag]goals[/tag] for themselves. For each goal they need to write a plan of attack for accomplishing the goal, including a time line. Even the youngest girls I have enjoy doing it. Goals can include mechanical changes, [tag]pitch development[/tag], consistency etc.   What it helps me do is gage where each girl wants to be and it allows me to adjust the lessons for success.

As a teacher I also think it is important for kids to know why they are doing things, instead of just doing them, discussing and writing about them help with that. Writing and talking about mechanics, concepts etc helps them learn faster, and retain information longer. As well as offering them opportunities to practice writing out goals, adjusting them when necessary and finding ways to accomplish them, which are all things the kids will have to do as adults.