If you’re [tag]coaching softball[/tag] I’m sure you are searching for new ideas to keep your [tag]softball practice[/tag] fun. One of the [tag]softball drills[/tag] I have introduced to my team is the Circle Drill.

Create a circle of the players in center field. Have the players move back expanding the circle so that there are 10 yards or so between every player now making a huge circle.

Begin having the players pass a [tag]softball[/tag] around to the right learning to throw accurately, with reasonable speed so that it can be caught and concentrating on soft hands getting the ball out of the mitt.   As the ball makes its way around the circle with efficiency introduce a second ball at the halfway point.   Switch directions every so often.

The goal of this [tag]softball drill[/tag] is to keep the throwers throwing to the mitt side while the receiver practices getting the ball out of the mitt quickly and delivering to the next person accurately.