Many [tag]coaches[/tag] write in asking for new ideas for [tag]coaching softball drills[/tag].   Here are two suggestions from Tarrah and from Tracie to add to your [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]practice[/tag] plans.Coaching Softball Drills

From Tarrah…
I only [tag]coach[/tag] little under 14’s but even in my senior training there is nothing better than the good old ‘beat the ball'[tag] drill[/tag].

The players get [tag]baserunning[/tag] and [tag]fielding[/tag] training and I always put a lot of emphasis on calling for the ball and talking to each other. You have an infield set up and one runner who runs the bases. The field must throw the ball from pitcher to catcher to short to first to third to second to catcher back to pitcher. I amp up the competition and the kids get right into it.

You can also modify it by doing ground balls, fly balls and extending the diamond. I use this at every training and the kids love the competition.

From Tracie…
Here’s something that we came up with that helps the girls focus before every pitch.
We tell them to think of WOWWhere are the runners, how may Outs, What am I going to do.