Are you looking for motivational ideas for [tag]coaching softball[/tag]?   You’ve come to the right place!   Try out this idea below and let me know how it goes for you.

This [tag]softball coach[/tag]ing activity is one that I do at the start of every season with every [tag]softball[/tag] team I have ever coached and it has always made an impact on my players.

Many have often returned to say that they will never forget this activity.   It is more of a motivational activity than anything else.

I have the players come together at the end of [tag]softball practice[/tag] (usually the day before the first game) and ask them to reach one arm up in the air as high as they possibly can. (standing on tippie toes is ok!!) I ask them if this is the best they can do? I have some fun here asking them if they really really think they are at their best etc. By this time they are all saying “yes coach…you asked us to reach our highest.” Then I say “ok, if you think this is your best I want you to reach one inch higher”.Coaching Softball

You will get them every time.   They always manage to get that extra inch.   I commence with a short discussion about playing to their ability even when they think there is nothing more to reach for or that they can’t get any better.   i also include in the discussion the quote that “somewhere someone is working harder than you and when you meet they will beat you.”