[tag]Coaching softball[/tag] can mean having to deal with twisted ankles, sprained knees, and various pulled muscles from improper warm ups. I devised a warm up special, a Music City Nashville special.

This [tag]softball warm up drill[/tag] is based on a grounder practice; the player must grapevine (a   crossover sidestep) to the base, before throwing it back in.

An alternative is have the the squad as a group start by bending down to ground their gloves, (toe touch). side step crossover five steps, back up five steps with a twirl, (balance, agility) crossover five again and then forward five to beginning position.

A basic mini-line dance that utilizes all the foot drills used in [tag]softball[/tag] that can be set to country music (Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood are   local favorites).

This [tag]softball drill[/tag] takes only 5-10 minutes but it lifts the girls’ spirit for what is normally a BORING warm up drill.