These are a couple of my favorite [tag]softball drills[/tag] that I have used year to year while [tag]coaching softball[/tag].

To practice running bases and to make sure everyone is giving their all and working on hitting the bag with the most efficiency – the players split up evenly at each of the 4 bags (this is their team). Then we have a tag team race to see which team finishes first. It is a great team activity that gets everyone screaming and yelling and working on giving their best for the team.   (The losers have to do 15 push ups.)   Fun way to get in shape and to work on base running.

Another [tag]softball drill[/tag] we do is to have the players partner up and stand a few feet from each other and underhand toss a tennis ball to each other without a glove. This teaches then to use both hands.

I tell my players that the tennis ball is an egg and if they drop it, it will break. We then have them put their gloves on and replace the tennis balls with [tag]softball[/tag]s. It really teaches them to use the non-glove hand to secure the ball and also the underhand tossing teaches the correct method for short distance throws from SS to 2B and vice versa.