Take a look at these submissions from Kristina and Nasen.   Some great ideas for [tag]coaching softball[/tag] that can work with all age groups.Coaching Softball for Dummies

From Kristina…
I coach [tag]softball[/tag] for 11-12 yr old girls. An early season [tag]drill[/tag] to help learn position and location of your [tag]throw[/tag] and each others names.

Relay Throw:
I have the girls call out the names of the player they are [tag]throwing[/tag] to, to help assist getting to know their team mates.

Have the players line up in a line stretching across the [tag]outfield[/tag]. Have the first player throw the ball to the glove side of the second player in the line. Do the same for the rest of the players. This teaches the girls correct throwing locations and quick turn-release of the throw.

From Nasen…
Here is how I break youngsters and oldsters from the bad habit of [tag]catching[/tag] the ball across their body with   the glove turned the wrong way.

First of all we use no glove and use a tennis ball. I have them hold their glove hand up at 12:00 and the other hand behind there back. Feet are to remain planted.   Explain that the hand is like a windshield wiper, it goes side to side but never twist or turn. Then I throw, throw, throw, and then throw some more balls to the opposite side of the body of the glove hand. I don’t ask them to catch the ball, just to stop it. Without the glove they are not tempted to turn the glove the wrong way in order for the ball to fall in.

It creates proper muscle memory and reaction to the ball.