Recently I have been coaching t-ball softball. Here are a few of my “expert” ideas after three weeks of working with this age of softball players.   They may not be traditional but they are fun and build muscle memory.

I like to use stations to keep the attention peaked with this age group.   They need a lot of focused activity to maintain interest while teaching skills.

Hula Hoops or Halloween Masks As Targets
I have been hanging hula hoops and masks up on fences as throwing targets.   Kind of like going to the fair.   Grab a bunch of balls and make it a competition.   This is great as a station.

I have also used the target for hitting off the tee.   Much more fun than just hitting into a fence.

Do this drill with Kid fishing poles.Use as a station.   Learn to cast and build throwing muscle memory.

  • You use the same motion as throwing.
  • Glove foot forward.
  • Throw and follow through.
  • Tie rubber weights on the end.
  • Put some hula hoops or cones out as targets.

Distance would depend on the age.   Fun for all!