I’m often asked for [tag]coaching tips for softball[/tag].   Here’s a simple [tag]coaching[/tag] tip that will pay huge dividends with your team.Coaching Tips for Softball

From Mike…
The only way to get young players to perform fundamentals as well as [tag]drills[/tag] correctly is to show them how to do it. Although, some coaches make a huge mistake.

When a player is performing a [tag]drill[/tag] and makes a mistake, this is not the time to show the rest of the team what the mistake was. This is the time that you show the rest of the team, including the player that made the mistake, how to do it correctly.

If a coach shows the rest of the team the mistake, the players will focus on the mistake instead of doing things correctly, sometimes this will cause players that see the mistake to make the same mistake. Show the players the right way to do the fundamental or the [tag]softball[/tag] drill, not all the mistakes that may happen.