Coming up with new ideas for [tag]coaching youth softball[/tag] can sometimes be a challenge.   Here are a couple of [tag]softball[/tag] coaching tips that work well.Coaching Youth Softball

From Jeff…
My [tag]softball drill[/tag] to get base runners to hustle down to first base and to make a good turn to the right.   I go about half way down the first base line and have half the team line up there, I take the other half of the team the same distance down the RF foul line and have them form a line facing back to first base.   On go, the one in front of each line races to the first base bag. They must hustle or get beat, and they have to make a good right turn or they will run into each other.

The winning team gets to go first in batting practice.

From Dan…
I have a quick [tag]softball conditioning drill[/tag] that we use primarily when stuck inside but can also be done on the diamond.

We start out with 2 base runners at each base. They are behind one another about 3 feet apart. We have someone on the mound simulate a pitch and 2 batters at the plate take a dry swing and run to 1st base( may have only one swing because of safety if not spaced out well). All the runners at the other bases get secondary leads and go. We have them advance one base at a time all the way up to 4 bases from home.

Great way to condition and also work on leads and base running.