One of my readers actually suggested this idea for [tag]defensive softball drills[/tag]. I’ve included it for you below.Defensive Softball Drills

From Chris…
One of our favorite [tag]softball drills[/tag] is   the “4 corner drill”.   I have players at 4 corners base length apart (doesn’t matter what position they play) then we throw counter clock wise working on right-handers stepping to the ball and throwing glove hand side.   Then counter clock wise for the left-handers.

Each [tag]softball[/tag] player takes a throw and throws to the next corner then gets back in line.   We then have players mix it up by the first player throwing to a corner then the next player throwing diagonally to a corner.   This gives all players a chance to throw to every area (Every Base). We work on having our hands up and ready to receive the ball as well as catching with our hands together to be quick with the exchange for the throw. Foot work is very important in this [tag]softball drill[/tag] as well.

We then close the 4 corners in to work on close underhanded exchanges.   Each player catches the toss then walks towards the corner she’s throwing it to and tosses it and goes to the end of that corner’s line to go again when it’s her turn.   Then she will catch the next toss and toss to the next corner following the toss and going to the end of the line of the next corner.

This works on close exchanges and works on showing the softball to the player your tossing the ball to.   Our throwing has improved tremendously doing this daily for 5-10 minutes!