I’m often asked for advice on [tag]defensive softball drills[/tag].  Here’s a simple [tag]softball coaching tip[/tag] that will pay huge dividends with your team.Defensive Softball Drills

From Darren…
I like to work a [tag]softball drill[/tag] where there are 2 [tag]softball coach[/tag]es on each side of home plate.

Coach A hits grounders to girls at SS who flip to a girl at second who fake a throw to 1B as to simulate a double play.  Coach B hits grounders to 3B who throws to 1B.  Coach A then hits grounders to 2B who Flips to SS and fakes throw to 1B.  Coach B hits grounders to 1B who throws to 3B to get lead runner.  Coach A hits to SS who throws to 1B. Coach B hits to 2B who throws to 3B.  Coach A hits to 2B who throws to 1B. Coach B hits to SS who throws to 3B.

This drill is great to get fielders a lot of ground balls and make them work on getting their feet in proper position to make different throws they may encounter during a game.  I use this with intermediate to advanced levels.

Which ever girls are making the last catch drop balls into a bucket.
ex.  When hitting to SS to 1B, 1B drops ball into bucket.

Equipment needed: Two buckets, balls and infield.

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