Special thanks to Denise and to John for sending these in.   If you’ve every struggled with [tag]drills for fastpitch[/tag], you MUST try these out!Drills for Fastpitch

From Denise…
Two players are back against the backstop about 3 or 4 ft away from the back.   Standing about 40 ft. away from these two players is the [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]coach[/tag] hitting balls at these two girls, working on reaction backhand and forehand.  

The object is not to let a ball touch the backstop.   Make sure the player gets a chance to field from both sides.   Make this a great competition.   And the coach can take out a few frustrations also!!!

From John…
One line of people at first base and one line at second base.   After the player throws the ball he runs to the back of the line and the next player runs up to the base and position’s themself to catch the ball from the person who just caught the ball at the other base.
I emphasize to them this is not a [tag]drill[/tag] to see how hard you can throw the ball but work on hitting the other person’s outstretched glove.