These [tag]drills for girls softball[/tag] are ones I used with my U18 [tag]softball[/tag] team. I try to make [tag]softball practice[/tag] fun while improving softball skills at the same time.

A strength training tip I got from a college coach, and my girls love, involves the use of a batting tee, but instead of using softballs to hit, we use half inflated basketballs.

The idea is to hit these basketballs as hard as you can with good form of course. I urge my girls to try hitting the basketballs over the infield which is not as easy as it sounds.   This [tag]softball drill[/tag] will increase their batting speed and power tremendously.

We also use plastic golf balls during batting practice.   This softball drill forces the batters to concentrate on seeing the small ball and hit. When then finally are pitched the 12’ softball–it looks like a big beach ball to them and they have an easier time watching and seeing the ball.

I hope these drills help someone; they have worked for my girls!