Try these [tag]drills for girls softball[/tag] to get your team ready for the season.   This one is a [tag]softball drill[/tag] that my girls ask for repeatedly and is quite competitive!

Divide your group into 3 even teams.
One group at home plate, one group between 1st base and the right field pole and the third group between 3rd base and the left field pole.

The [tag]softball coach[/tag] picks up a ball and hits it to the outfield. That signals the girl at home plate to start running the bases while the first two girls in the outfield take off to pick up the [tag]softball[/tag] that has been hit by the coach.

The first girl who reaches the ball picks it up so the other girls can touch the ball. (You can not move if you get the ball first.)   As soon as both girls have touched the ball, the girl on the bases gets a point for every base that she touches.

Competitive and if you have more softball coaches, they can pick a team to hit to as well.