Looking for [tag]drills for girls softball[/tag]?   You’ve come to the right place!   Try out this idea below and let me know how it goes for you.Drills for Girls Softball

From Stacy…
We do a [tag]softball drill[/tag] that includes the whole team and teaches the team how to react to situations, and play error free smart [tag]softball[/tag].

We start with a player at every position but pitcher. The extra players put on helmets and run the bases as the [tag]softball coach[/tag] hits the ball in play. If any defensive player makes an error physical or mental, she then replaces one of the runners, and the runner takes her place on defense.

You can move girls around to play their positions or let them try new positions. You can also do this with the infield only, or a partial infield and a full outfield.

It teaches the girls to know all positions and therefore know their position very well. Having to run the bases also teaches the runners to run aggressively and challenge the defense.