Here are [tag]drills for girls softball[/tag] that I use for any age group. The goal of this first [tag]softball drill[/tag] is to field the ball cleanly and make a good throw.

You have one of your players play first base and line the rest up at third base. One at a time they are going to field a ground ball at third and throw to 1st and then run to shortstop and field a ground ball and throw to 1st and then run to 2nd base position and field a ground ball and throw to 1st and then run to the pitchers mound, field a ground ball and throw to 1st. Then the next players starts at all over again.

Eventually, they will pick up speed and the girls have fun to see who can do this correctly and the fastest. You can have someone time them.Drills for Girls Softball

Something very easy with younger girls that are not getting the ball back far enough on their throw.
1. Have the player get a [tag]softball[/tag] in her hand and raise it straight up with her arm parallel to the ground straight to shoulder level. Pointing out in front of her.
2. The [tag]softball coach[/tag] stands directly in front of the player, having the player point the ball at him/her.
3. Have the player keep the ball pointed at you as you walk around behind her,to her throwing arm side, keeping her arm straight.
4. When you get as far behind her as she can go.(Keeping the arm straight) have her bring the arm up over her head and throw.   Simple yet effective.