One of the [tag]drills for girls softball[/tag] that works well when the weather prevents outdoor practice is this indoor throwing drill.   The players just love this [tag]softball drill[/tag] and throwing errors will drop significantly.

Have 3 girls down each side of the gym: 1 @ each end line and 1 @ half court on the side lines.

I also have 2 girls standing @ the top of the key (each basket). Give the girls 1 [tag]softball[/tag] and have them throw. Pattern goes as follows:   Endline, to halfcourt, to endline, to middle to middle to endline.

This pattern continues until somebody drops the throw then they are out. The girl @ the top of the key replaces her spot making the throws longer. Continue throwing until you have a catchoff with just 2 players the length of the gym.

As a [tag]softball coach[/tag] emphasize quick and hard throws from your players.