Here are a couple of our favorite [tag]drills for girls softball[/tag].   Use these frequently; they are fast paced, fun and effective.

The first one is an infield drill; it works very well for my girls(u10).

Approximately 13 players, two lines one at second and one at short. One fielder at first and one at second, two catchers.

Two softball coaches are hitting, one to second with the throw going to first, and home, other coach hits to short with the throw going to second.

Players rotate with the throw to the catcher, fielder moves to base and base cover moves to catch, catch moves to field.   When the girls get used to this [tag]softball[/tag] drill everyone gets ten to twelve reps and catch and throw reps in about 10 to 12 minutes.

Here is an accurate throwing drill to try with your team also. Divide your team into even teams, place a trash can at home plate on it side with the opening towards center field, with your players in center field, have team one throw the ball to the trash can, if they make it in the trash can u can give them a point, have the rest of the teams do the same, u can move the can to face right field, then left, the team with the most points wins.