Here are two fun [tag]drills for girls softball[/tag].   One that I do is put 6 girls on home base and 6 girls on 2nd base. They love it! And they are learning to run fast, round the corners of the bases, and work together while cheering each other on!

The first 2 girls from each side start with a [tag]softball[/tag] in hand and run the bases as fast as they can til they get back to their starting point then hand the ball off to the next girl in line until it has made it through all the girls. The first team to complete the drill wins!

Great drill to use as a finishing point at practice!

This one is an infield drill with base runners, varying the bases the runners are on. I tell the girls it’s their choice what they do with the ball when they get it. After they make the play I ask the person who made the play, why they made that play. Then I ask if anyone would have made a different play. If I get one or more, I then run through those scenarios and then ask the girls which worked better and why.

The girls have figured out on their own, how body position when you field the ball, can direct how you make your play in relation to the runners.