Drills for Girls SoftballI’m often asked for [tag]drills for girls softball[/tag].   Here’s a simple coaching tip that will pay huge dividends with your team.   Try this for slow pitch or fast pitch [tag]softball[/tag] and see the improvements in your team.

A [tag]softball drill[/tag] we finish every [tag]softball practice[/tag] with is “Run the Bases“.

We form two lines at home plate, one on the inside of the 1st base line and the other on the outside.   When the [tag]softball coach[/tag] says “go”, the 1st two girls in each line take off to 1st base.   The inside runner hits the bag and runs to second (& stops) while the outside runner runs through 1st base & turns back to the bag.

When the coach says “go” again, the runner on second heads home, the runner on first goes to 3rd and the two from home plate are going to 1st & 2nd.   We keep going until we’ve gone through the team 2-3 times.

As coaches we stress the importance of running the bases hard and proper form of hitting each bag.