These [tag]drills for girls softball[/tag] were sent to me recently when I asked by subscribers to send their favorite drills. Check them out (very creative!).

Here are some of my favorite and my [tag]softball[/tag] teams favorite [tag]softball drills[/tag]:

Scatter Drill:   Scatter a bucket of balls behind SS (in shallow LF) and then in short RF.   Have one girl go at a time.   With their back facing home plate, have the girls pick up each ball, turning and throwing to either 2B, 3B, or home.   A [tag]softball coach[/tag] or another player can call out which base the fielder/thrower is to throw to.   Have each player make as many throws as you wish.

Drop Drill:   Use some type of back-stop and a bucket or old milk crate. Have one player hold the softball at shoulder height and drop it straight down into the strike-zone. The batter must see the ball and react fast enough to hit it (preferably the top-half of the softball). This [tag]softball hitting drill[/tag] teaches the batter to take their hands straight to the ball. Have the player dropping the softballs, drop them at different times so the batter does not “cheat”. The batter can watch the release of the ball, but cannot move prior to the ball being dropped.   Make sure girls don’t drop their hands and swing up to hit the ball.