If you’re looking for [tag]drills for girls softball[/tag], give my corridor drills a try. I use this technique to teach small ball and tight spot ball handling.   I call these [tag]softball drills[/tag] the corridor drills.

I create a cone corridor 15 ft wide by 45 ft long.   I use this corridor as a confined space and place players outside the cone lines at intervals and then create ball movement drills that the players must perfect.

In one such [tag]softball drill[/tag] I line up the players at one end and place two players on each outside edge of the cones at intervals.   The first interval is 15 ft from the player line at the end and the next interval is fifteen feet from the first edge player and on the opposite side of the corridor.   I then post a player at the far end, which is 15 ft from the last interval player. From this particular configuration I can run multiple different drills.

In this drill the player at the far end throws a ground ball hard at the players in line at the other end.   The first player in line must charge the ball, pick it up, and throw it to the first interval player who throws it to the second interval player who in turn flips the [tag]softball[/tag] into the air so that the original line player who is still running the corridor can catch the flip pass and then must quickly throw it to the player at the very end of the corridor before running past him.

This teaches the fundamental of getting quickly to the ball on the ground and handling it on the run in a small space to an outlet teammate who must also handle it rapidly to another team mate who must handle it quickly back to the running team mate who must handle it again and get it to the originating team mate at the end of the line.

Failure results in getting back in line without finishing and suffering the indignity of the jibes from your team mates.   The positioned players are alternated so that all players play all roles.

The corridor positions, tasks and ball movement sequences can all be varied in a thousand ways to create different choices requiring different skills.