The following drills for girls softball aim to improve your players’ [tag]hitting[/tag] skills because being able to hit the ball is the only way to bring in runs and therefore win [tag]softball[/tag] games.   Please feel free to use them at your next softball [tag]practice[/tag].Drills for Girls Softball

Before running any of these [tag]drills for girls softball[/tag] make sure to fully explain and demonstrate any new skills or moves in half speed to prevent injury.   To begin, divide your team into partners.   For equipment you will require a net, a gym mat, and a medium-sized orange plastic cone.   Set up the mat with the cone on it in front of the net.   Player 1 will be the hitter, and she will kneel on her back knee one bat length away from the cone.   Her front leg should be straight out in front pointing towards the net.

Player 2 places a ball on the cone for player 1 to hit.   Continue for 20 balls then have the players switch roles.   While players are hitting make sure to walk around and ensure all girls are using proper hand and arm movement in their [tag]swings[/tag].

The next of the [tag]drills[/tag] for girls softball will require a little planning before the practice in assembling the required equipment.   You will need a softball, a piece of thick rope approximately 12 feet in length and a pair of thick gardening gloves.   First, [tag]drill[/tag] a hole through the softball just large enough to insert the rope.   Pull the ball to the center of the rope and tie a knot in both ends.

To begin the drill, divide your team into partners again.   Player 1 assumes the [tag]batting stance[/tag].   Player 2 stands a few feet away from her and throws her the ball with the rope through it while holding on to one end of the rope.   Make sure player 2 wears the gardening gloves because the rope can be tough to grasp especially if the hitter nails a good one.   This drill works well as one station in a series of hitting drills.