This idea on [tag]drills for in-door softball practices[/tag] comes courtesy of Aaron.   Keep em coming!Drills for In-door Softball Practices

From Aaron…
Softball drill for indoor (or outdoor)-

Simple version– The team is lined up next to the coach, three [tag]softball[/tag] players are facing them roughly 30 feet away with bats. The coach throws a ball to the first player with a bat who bunts the ball. The player in the line next to the coach breaks towards the batter as soon as the coach releases the throw. This player then fields the bunt, turns and throws to the coach, and enters the bunting line. The player that just bunted leaves the bat and joins the line next to the coach. Bunting and quick hands are worked simultaneously.

Complex version– Instead of the coach throwing, the second player from the fielding line (originally next to the coach) throws the pitch. Once they throw it, they become the next fielder charging the bunt. The player who just fielded the bunt throws the ball to the next pitcher. In this version, there is a lot of movement and it’s difficult to determine quickly who the fielder should throw to. My high school team struggled to keep this [tag]softball drill[/tag] moving unless they vocalized clearly who should be the next pitcher and where the fielder should throw the ball. Great teamwork exercise.

Two lines face one line about 25 feet away.