Looking for [tag]drills for indoor softball practices[/tag]? You’ve come to the right place! Try out this idea below and let me know how it goes for you.Drills for In-door Softball Practices

From Deborah…
I coach [tag]softball[/tag] in Buffalo New York and so we spend a great deal of pre-season indoors! I spend a lot of time reminding and convincing my team, softball is actually an “outdoor” sport!! So, I have to get creative! Here is one [tag]softball drill[/tag] I do and the kids like it.

I use tennis balls and a tennis racquet to hit grounders to the infield.
We set up an infield with all players in proper positions. I usually have them go without gloves for a few – just to make them really focus on using 2 hands and absorbing/pulling the ball into their bodies. I will have a kid with me (at home plate) with a glove and the infielders will field and throw back to home. When I have them all put gloves on, then they field and make throws to bases.

The kids really enjoy this drill. It is fast paced and they feel they really have to concentrate on looking the ball into their gloves, squeeze the glove to keep it in. It really strengthens “tracking” – “eye/hand coordination.”

So, that’s one thing we do to have a little fun and work hard at the same time during those weeks we are “trapped” inside!