Two of my subscribers actually suggested these ideas for [tag]drills for softball[/tag] practice.   I’ve included them for you below.Drills for Softball

From Phil…
One of our kids favorite [tag]softball drills[/tag] is a slide drill.   Our field is not in the best shape (rocks and pebbles) so we obtained two large cardboard boxes and placed them between 1st and 2nd base butting up to 2nd base.

When the kids hit the cardboard they go into their slide position and glide right to the bag.   If they don’t slide correctly they won’t made it to the bag as they will loose their momentum. It also allows them to hit the bag and pop-up ready to go to third on a bad throw from the catcher or outfielder.

If you want to have your kids practice sliding without getting cuts and scraps and holes in their practice pants this [tag]softball drill[/tag] works well and the kids love it.

From Nick…
Here is my [tag]softball[/tag] drill; hope you find it useful.

We recently had a stretch of bad weather with no gym time available. So we decided to have sliding practice in the rain. What we did was nail two bases in the wet grass 60 ft apart and put two wiffle balls on each side of the base path the distance away we wanted the kids to start there slide.

The kids thought this was great fun and they all learned to slide with no injuries.