Here’s an idea for [tag]drills to catch a softball[/tag] that one of my subscribers sent in. I’ve tried it and it has livened things up quite a bit in my practices. Give it a try with your team!Drills to Catch a Softball

From Van…

Objective: To teach players the correct angle, alignment, and depth when backing up.
Equipment: 4 bases or cones, softball
Athletes: 7
Set Up: Place the 4 bases in a square about 40 feet apart.

Description: This [tag]softball drill[/tag] involves 7 players.   2 players at 3 of the bases and 1 at the remaining base.

Place a player at each base to receive a throw and have the 2nd player backing up and ready to take over the base once the other player leaves.   The drill starts with the ball in a group to the left or right of the solo player.   The player with the [tag]softball[/tag] throws to the base away from the solo player and then runs to back up the solo player. The player who receives the ball will now throw the ball to the next base and run to back up the base in which she received the throw from (throw right and run left, or throw left and run right). The drill continues until the [tag]softball coach[/tag] decides to end it.

Coaching Points: Check and correct alignment and distance of the player backing up and the angle in which they take to get there.   Also this is a good drill to work on proper receiving skills and footwork for the players throwing and receiving.   NOTE:   If the ball is overthrown, continue the drill by having the back up player throw it to the next base and the receiver run to back up the solo player.   This way the players backing up learn to adjust their alignment.