Coming up with new ideas for [tag]easy softball drills for girls[/tag] can sometimes be a challenge.  Here are two [tag]softball drills[/tag] that coaches have sent to me which work well.Easy Softball Drills for Girls

From Bryan…
“The Marshmallow Drill”

When teaching our girls the fundamentals of fielding fly balls, we use marshmallows.  When we toss the marshmallow up in the air, the girls take their two steps back, come in with their arms up as if getting ready to catch a fly ball (without their glove on). We use the “thumb-to-thumb” method.  It helps the girls guide the marshmallow to their mouths without using their hands to touch the marshmallow. If they catch it, they eat it. If not, they try again.

The girls love it because they get to eat marshmallows, plus it teaches them the fundamentals of fielding fly balls…

From Trent…
I coach a u12 girls [tag]softball[/tag] team and when we work on the bases the girls were getting torn up even with (some) sliding pads.

So I asked the parents to bring large flat cardboard to our next [tag]softball practice[/tag] and placed them in front of 2nd 3rd and home.It worked great and gave the confidence in their sliding and saved some skin for game day.

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