I got the inspiration for this [tag]effective softball practice[/tag] from one of my subscribers.   It includes some fresh ideas for conditioning and strength training for [tag]softball[/tag].   Try it out and let me know what you think!Effective Softball Practice

From Kris…
Here is a variant of a common [tag]softball drill[/tag].   We do it a lot early in the year more for conditioning and arm strength.

– 1 player at 3rd,
– 2 players at 2nd – 1 runner and 1 fielder, the runner holds his glove because he’ll need it
– the rest of them are in left field.

From behind 3rd, hit a fly ball to left field.
The “runner” on second has to tag-up.
The LF throws to 2nd for a simulated tag out
Fielder at 2nd hrows to 3rd for an attempted real tagout.

The rotation:
Player that was playing 3rd, runs out to LF and gets in line.
The runner is now the 3rd baseman.
The fielder at 2nd is now the runner.
The LF had to run in and be the fielder at 2nd.

The kids love these [tag]softball drills[/tag] because there is very little standing around.   I like it because it works on outfield catching and throwing, infield throwing for a tags, timing of a tag-up and sliding, the infield catch and tag.   There is a lot of running.   Although the kids don’t seem to mind.

The first couple of times it’s kind of chaotic, but once the kids catch on it is a blast.

We even keep score by giving a point for good throws, and subtract a point for leaving too early on the tag up, or being thrown out.   The kids always love some competition.