[tag]Fast pitch coaching tips[/tag] used to be a big weakness in my repertoire.   But I was able to turn it around by using this idea sent in by Len.Fast Pitch Coaching Tips

Drill: Infielders
Goal: to work on speed, accuracy of throws, base running equipment

Needed: full bucket of balls, at least 20 or more.

Set up 5 balls randomly arranged , in and down the 3rd base line.   Spread the balls about 2 to 3 feet apart and using no more than 10 feet in length.   Example, start at the base, drop 1 ball, go about 1 foot, place another ball on the ground, drop a 3rd ball, 1 foot to the left of the 2nd ball, the 4th ball is dropped about 1 foot in front of the 3rd ball.   The last ball is placed to the right of the 4th ball, down the 3rd base line.

Have a group of   [tag]softball[/tag] players start at home and one player will run from home to 2nd while the infielder is fielding & throwing the placed balls to 1st base.   Object is to field all 5 balls, throw accurately to 1st base before the runnner gets to 2nd base.   Keep score so that each group performs under pressure.   [tag]Coach[/tag] determines what to do with the winning group, runners or fielders.   An errant throw to 1st counts as a miss.   Fielder must throw all 5 balls to 1st without an error to get 1 point.   If the runner reaches 2nd base before the 5 throws are made, they get 1 point.
Fill/flop groups so that the fielders become runners and runners become the fielders throwing to 1st base.   After 2 rounds the groups will become very competitive which is good.  

[tag]Fastpitch[/tag] softball is about quick, accurate plays.   You also get to practice running the bases correctly without the players realizing it.   It is a fun drill if presented to the players correctly.